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Further explore trends and growth areas with special reports on Belt & Road, The Low Carbon Economy, Sustainability and long-term energy megatrends.

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Up to 30- year historic and 10-year forecasts including electricity generation, capacity and consumption, transition & distribution losses, electricity trade and more.

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Quantify opportunities and risks using the Power Risk/Reward Index, helping you compare investment attractiveness and sales potential in individual markets.

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Power & Renewables: Key Themes 2022

In the wake of the energy price crisis and COP26, the need for renewable power sources has become increasingly more pertinent. We foresee sustained growth in hydrogen production capacity through the coming decade, and new hydrogen-fueled electricity generation projects coming into the pipeline over 2022.


Infrastructure Key Projects Data

Explore detailed data, project risk metrics, and robust analytics for over 40,000 infrastructure projects in 200+ markets.

Latest Power Industry Indicators

Our global Power dataset provides over 11,000 lines of data for key indicators across electricity capacity, consumption, generation, prices, and more.

Connect with our thinking

We integrate political, macroeconomic, and cross-industry expertise into our power industry analysis, allowing our customers to benefit from understanding how each factor impacts on the other in their chosen markets.

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Long Reads

Global Industries Outlook 2022 - Mid-Year Update

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has permeated across many of our global themes. The high inflation environment and subsequent cost of living crisis and rising interest rate environment in many markets has had knock-on-effects for other trends we expected to see play out. In general, while we have seen a waning economic impact from Covid-19, the Russia-Ukraine crisis has prevented full economic normalisation globally, impacting growth across several industries.

Sub-Saharan Africa Monthly Outlook: Reform Progress In SSA To Remain Slow

With economic headwinds stemming from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and China’s zero-Covid policy fueling elevated inflation across the region, this presentation will provide you with an illustration of our key views for markets including South Africa, Nigeria, Angola, Kenya and Ethiopia.

East Africa Private Infrastructure Investment: Power In Focus

Download this special report for a country-by-country infrastructure investment outlook, explaining where we expect investment opportunities to be concentrated and why.

Asia Pacific Power & Renewables Insight (July 2021)

We believe that the development of international hydrogen supply chains will be crucial to support the growth of the green hydrogen industry in Asia, as production will be concentrated largely in areas distant from key demand centers. July 2021 Edition.

Europe Power & Renewables Insight (July 2021)

We highlight Spain and Japan as global solar power outperformers. Robust government support, declining renewables costs and a sizeable project pipeline will support substantial solar capacity growth in Spain. July 2021 Edition.

Middle East and Africa Power & Renewables Insight (July 2021)

A round-up of the latest investments, projects, developments, regulatory changes and company news across the Middle East and Africa region. July 2021 Edition.

Americas Power & Renewables Insight (July 2021)

A round-up of the latest investments, projects, developments, regulatory changes and company news across the Americas region. July 2021 Edition.

Global Summary Power & Renewables 2021

Download our June 14 2021 weekly summary of key developments at a global and regional level, including regulatory, company and market news.

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