Country Risk
Data & Research

Fuel your strategies with regularly updated and high-quality data and research. We provide in-depth political risk and macroeconomic analysis, robust 10-year forecasts and latest information on the local business environment for more than 200 markets.


Tailored Insights & Risk Analytics

Commission our Advisory team to provide tailored insight to guide your critical business decisions. Get strategic support, including market opportunity assessments and custom-built credit default risk models.

Fitch Ratings

Credit Research

Get fresh perspectives on the credit risk issues at play within a particular country or region of interest. We offer detailed reports backed by transparent methodologies, underlying data and seasoned, accessible analysts.

Fitch Ratings

Credit Ratings Data

Leverage comprehensive ratings data plus all the underlying and historical data on all Fitch rated sovereigns. Mine, manipulate and fuel your models with our data, to generate the insights you need to make sound decisions.

Fitch Ratings

Sovereign Fundamental Financial Data

Save time and gain insight from data painstakingly gathered and standardized from myriad disparate sources. Leverage economic data and three-year forecasts on 117 sovereigns – the same data Fitch Ratings sovereigns analysts use to determine a country’s credit rating.

Market and Credit Research

Utilize our independent, award-winning research on regions and macro trends to manage portfolios, benefitting from our depth of market experience and rich sector knowledge. Our global reach provides investors with an analytical edge.

Discover a world of information,
via Fitch Connect

Fitch Connect is a cutting-edge, multi-channel technology platform that delivers our data, research and tools. Instantly get the information you need in a usable format. Reduce days of work to minutes and reduce the risks of manual data handling errors as our technology does the heavy lifting for you.

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