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We monitor developments across the consumer sector as they happen, including company news, product developments, and data releases, explaining their implications on our forecasts.

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Regular market overviews for 60+ countries with forecasts, data, and analysis of household income and spending, demographics, retail trends, industry developments, and competitive landscape.

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Track latest trends in the consumer sector, from e-commerce developments to the emergence of alternative protein, and products that offer sustainability and healthification credentials.

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Comparable, standardized, and exportable data with up to 30-year historic data and 5-year forecasts for household characteristics, income, and spending across key segments.

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Discover how key companies are navigating a transforming industry landscape with analysis of strategy, partnerships, M&A, expansion activities, product developments, and investments.

Consumer Trend Analysis

Deep-dive into the impact of changing consumer preferences and behavior, with analysis of key trends including premiumization, healthification, convenience, and the experience-economy.

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Consumer Key Themes 2022

2022 will be a year of continued recovery for the consumer sector. The key themes are divided into digital and environmental trends, which include insight into how consumer brands will embrace and adapt to the evolution of the Metaverse, the move of Biowearables, and the desire of greater convenience by consumers.

Latest Consumer & Retail Indicators

From Albania to Zimbabwe, our global Consumer & Retail dataset provides 84,000+ lines of data for key household characteristics and spending indicators including personal care, food, drink and tobacco, clothing & footwear, household goods, education, entertainment, and more.

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We integrate political, macroeconomic, and cross-industry expertise into our consumer & retail industry analysis, allowing our customers to benefit from understanding how each factor impacts on the other in their chosen markets.

Michelle Berman

Head of Consumer Research

Michelle is responsible for bringing together the Food and Drink and Retail teams to produce holistic sector, country, and global level outlooks. Prior to her current role, Michelle launched and managed our Operational Risk product. Based in London, Michelle joined Fitch Solutions in 2007. She holds a BA from University College London and also studied at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO).

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Long Reads

Global Industries Outlook 2022 - Mid-Year Update

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has permeated across many of our global themes. The high inflation environment and subsequent cost of living crisis and rising interest rate environment in many markets has had knock-on-effects for other trends we expected to see play out. In general, while we have seen a waning economic impact from Covid-19, the Russia-Ukraine crisis has prevented full economic normalisation globally, impacting growth across several industries.

Europe Monthly Outlook: European Growth In Q122 And Looking Ahead

Western European growth has held up in Q122 but headwinds are mounting. Soaring inflation will weigh on domestic demand, and industry sentiment has been hardest hit as the Russia-Ukraine conflict continues to exacerbate uncertainty.

Committing to Measurable ESG Initiatives in The Food & Beverage Sector

Only 30% of food and beverage companies think they track ESG very well, with the single biggest challenge being the lack of an ESG framework to enable them to track performance.

Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Global Ramifications For Industries

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has caused major disruption for industries on a global scale, through both direct and indirect means. We expect this disruption to last throughout 2022 regardless of the outcome of the conflict, owing to the scale of physical damage and the displacement of people.

Global Macroeconomic & Industry Key Themes 2022

Global Macro & Industry Key Themes 2022: What the Report Covers. Discover the Fitch Solutions Country Risk & Industry Research analysts’ view of the key global macroeconomic and industry themes that will shape 2022.

China's 14th Five Year Plan: Exploring The Impact On Sectors

The 14th Five-Year Plan focuses on rebalancing the Chinese economy towards domestic market expansion, reducing import dependency and strengthening exports. Which sub-sectors in China and abroad are at risk from these policy priorities?

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